Lesson Plans

Download our four adaptable lesson plans that explore the process of bringing a story to life on stage.

From Screen to Stage

Frozen began as an animated feature film before it was adapted into a musical. By trying their own hand at the process of adaptation, students will learn to think theatrically and appreciate the creative team’s work.

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Frozen Pictures

In Frozen, love is a powerful force that drives several of the characters’ decisions throughout the story, causing chain reactions. By physically exploring characters’ actions and reactions at specific plot points, students will develop an understanding of multiple perspectives.

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I’m Free

The lyrics of ‘Let It Go’ communicate the strength and freedom Elsa experiences after years of fearing her powers. By writing their own lyrics, students will explore the power of their own strengths.

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Little Bit of You, Little Bit of Me

In Frozen, sisters Anna and Elsa work together to create Olaf, a friendly snowman and playmate, who embodies qualities of each sister. Collaborating in pairs, students will explore how two people can create art together using qualities and ideas from each other.

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