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Elder princess of Arendelle who possesses a powerful magic but must conceal it and grow up in fear and isolation. When she comes of age and is crowned Queen of Arendelle, a moment of panic unleashes her magic and forces her to flee to the Northern Mountain.


Younger princess of Arendelle who is full of life and fun but grows up alone, longing for contact with the outside world and with her sister, whom she desperately loves but hardly knows.

Queen Iduna & King Agnarr

Monarchs of Arendelle and parents of Elsa and Anna. King Agnarr attempts to protect the family by encouraging Elsa to conceal her magic and her feelings. Queen Iduna, daughter of the Northern Nomads, laments her children growing up apart from one another.

Pabbie & Bulba

The wise and protective leaders of the Hidden Folk.

Kristoff & Sven

Kristoff, the stubborn and independent mountain man who was raised by Hidden Folk. His best friend is a reindeer named Sven.


The lovable snowman brought to life by Elsa's magic who joins Anna, Kristoff, and Sven on their journey.


The charming thirteenth son of the King of the Southern Isles who proposes to Princess Anna upon meeting her at Queen Elsa’s coronation.

Duke of Weselton

The pompous representative of Arendelle’s most profitable trading partner who is overly suspicious of powerful women.


The friendly yet shrewd proprietor of Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna.


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